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I'm Dawn Norton, a Clinical EFT Practitioner with over 20 years of experience and a proven track record of success. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can help you address and alleviate a variety of physical and emotional symptoms that may be impacting your quality of life. Whether you're dealing with stress, chronic pain, or emotional challenges, EFT offers a powerful and transformative tool for healing.

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"I paid thousands of dollars in hypnotherapy and did not get the results I did with just a few sessions with wasn't until I was guided by a true professional with "inner knowing" that I was able to overcome some old issues. The important thing to know is that Dawn has an "instinct" that is very special and is VITAL that you work with someone who has this as they can guide you and move into the right direction. I highly recommend Dawn Norton. She is loving and has a huge heart. Her practice is rooted in love and desire to help others."
- Karen, Atlanta, Ga.
Dawn is a gifted EFT practitioner. She has a wonderful gift for working through layers to the core issue and is able to help you help yourself overcome your life's challenges. It is amazing what EFT can do! I was not able to recognize that several traumatic childhood events were causing many issues, including general extreme anxiety, total fear of public speaking, stress headaches, stomach issues, insomnia and night fright, to name a few. For several months we worked on one or two issues at a time and it was amazing how fast I was able to identify and resolve issues. Now the biggest childhood nightmare is but a haze of a memory and I can deal with it without it affecting my life in any negative way what so ever. 

- RK, AZ
I was blessed to have Dawn in the labor and delivery room with me for two of my children's births. During contractions Dawn would use EFT to help me relax and to take the pain away.  Tapping even helped one of my babies turn! Thanks to Dawn and her knowledge of EFT I was able to go through two labors/deliveries without having to expose my babies to any sort of pain medication.
I began learning about EFT through a weight loss series Dawn was teaching. While the focus was on weight loss I learned so much more about using EFT for pain management. I began trying EFT on myself, my husband and my son. My son was having pain in his foot so I told him, "Let's try this." I led him through some tapping and after the third round he found no pain. My husband has chronic low back pain from osteoarthritis and degenerative disk disease. He had a bad episode and was barely able to walk. He was skeptical when I suggested using EFT. I told him he had nothing to lose and I would tap for him. As he lay in bed in extreme pain, I tapped on him. After the third round he was still in pain but was out of the crisis and able to relax. This was in a matter of minutes! Thanks Dawn for a great tool for pain management! 

- DM, AZ
Working with Dawn was wonderful. I was having some anxiety problems from a near death experience that I had while living abroad. I was having trouble being alone at home or being outside after dark. Dawn adjusted our sections to my specific needs... After working with Dawn, she helped me get to the root of my fear and be able to move past the fear. Now, I have no trouble being home alone or outside after dark...I don't have the anxiety like I used to have. BY, UT
- RK, AZ
One of the best things about working with Dawn is her sensitivity. She is always spot on with how you are feeling and how to help you feel better. She is instantly welcoming.


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