Easy to use.

No previous knowledge of EFT or coaching required.

Over 80 exercises targeting common emotional blocks to achieving your goals.



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Who is The EFT Coach Workbook for?

Complete Beginners! 
No prior knowledge of EFT or coaching is required.
Easy to use, pick-up-and-tap format.

Includes full EFT tutorial and over 80 step-by-step exercises.

Intermediate and Advanced EFT users
You may already be comfortable using EFT for emotional issues, but you may be wondering how to apply EFT to your life goals.
Even advanced EFT users can find it difficult to objectively work out what their own blocks and limiting beliefs might be. You'll be taken through a set of the most common blocks to progress and exercises to help you identify your limiting beliefs.

Professional EFT Practitioners and Coaches
The EFT Coach Workbook will provide you with a rich source of inspiration for exercises to do with clients, either in sessions or as homework.


"A very good read. I like the chapter names and easy to follow sections. Wonderful being able to dip and dive into any chapter section and be ‘through’ that section in only a few pages/minutes.
Very nice and easy to understand explanation of “Willpower”.

Build Your Success Firewall – great reading it – it’s just as though you are talking me through it.

‘Fear of Success is a Myth’ - what a clarification!  Now I can see why it’s so easy for some people to stay stuck  – we’re focussing on the wrong thing!  Mary, you explain it so clearly and eloquently – the book is worth buying just for this gem!  Thank you for this clarification.

Christina Elvin Phd

Psychotherapist,Energy Psychologist,Trainer, Coach, UK


What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Techniques® (EFT) is an easy-to-learn technique for balancing all types of negative emotions. Developed by Gary Craig, a performance coach, engineer and ordained minister, it has been successfully applied to countless cases for issues such as anxiety, fears and phobias, trauma, addictions, stress and pain.

You can find out more about EFT, and
get Gary Craig's free tapping tutorial at www.emofree.com.

EFT  works directly on the body's energy system to correct disruptions that cause negative emotions. It involves gently tapping on specific meridian points on the face, body and hands, while focusing on the problem.

In a coaching context, many of the blocks which hold you back from achieving your goals can be directly traced to negative emotions of one kind or another  fear, anxiety, doubt, lack of confidence, insecurity, stress and so on. The Workbook focuses on using EFT for these types of issues.


"Reading the sections on "happiness", "change" and "nine ways that goals go wrong" have had a profound effect on me.  It is incredible how you brought up all the different thoughts that go through my mind that prevent me from achieving my goals.  These chapters made me think a great deal about my present situation and am still reflecting on what you talked about.  I got great insight from them and have done the exercises and will continue to do so until I get complete release. I wish you the very best and congratulate you on your book."

Viviane Toussaint, EFT user, Canada


What's in the Workbook?

Close to 300 pages of material and over 80 specific and detailed EFT exercises, covering just about every block and issue I've come across in more than 10 years of coaching.

You can see the full table of contents by downloading this pdf file and taking a look right now.

The EFT Coach Workbook for Complete Beginners - Contents Plus

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You'll need a pdf reader:


If EFT is easy to learn and use, why do I need the Workbook?

It's true that the basic EFT technique is very easy to learn. When I get a new client it usually takes less than half a dozen sequences of EFT for them to get the hang of it.

But, in my experience of working with clients, I come across three big obstacles over and over again.

The most common question I get asked is:

"My problem is ____________ .  What setup statement do I use?"

Using The EFT Coach Workbook you never have to worry what statements and phrases to use  they are all provided for you, for each and every exercise. There are a handful of exercises where you will need to complete the setup statement with your own words  but the overall sentence structure is given to you.

The next big problem that beginners (and even advanced users) have, is knowing what to apply EFT to. If you have a goal that you are stuck with, how do you identify what emotional issues might be holding you back? Analysing and verbalising your own feelings and beliefs about a situation can be difficult work even if you have a lot of experience doing self-development work  and it's especially hard to do if you're a beginner.

The EFT Coach Workbook takes you through a range of the most common emotional blocks and problems that people face when working on their goals. There are over 80 different exercises in the Workbook, each addressing a specific emotional issue.

A third thing that beginners working on their own find difficult, is working out how to measure the specific problem and track progress before and after using EFT. The EFT Coach Workbook provides individual rating scales for every single exercise (where applicable). This lets you gauge for yourself whether a particular issue applies to you, and what effect the exercise has had on your issue.


How can a single book possibly address every reader's goals?

It's true that everyone's goals can be completely different.

But people's emotional blocks to achieving their goals are surprisingly similar.

I've been an EFT Coach for over 10 years  and in that time I've heard the same stuff come up over and over again. After a while you begin to see the patterns.

Of course not everyone has precisely the same blocks, or has them to the same degree  but most people's issues seem to be drawn from a common set of possible blocks.

Even though I've never met you and I have no idea what your particular goal might be, there is a very good chance that a big chunk of your emotional blocks are addressed in The EFT Coach Workbook.


"LOVE your book.
As a Master Results Coach, I’ve found that this book is not only for beginners but is a MUST for ‘experts’ too! Ilearned many things that are immediately applicable and helpful. What a gift that will definitely keep on giving!

Margarete Brandenburg
Fellow, AAPC, Diplomate ACEP,Clinical AMHCA,AAMFT

Licensed Mental Health Counselor/Pastoral Counselor

Certified Energy Practitioner/Coach

(Matrix Energetics, Adv. EFT, Reiki 3, Psych-K)

Board Certified Music/Sound/Vibration Therapist



Is this just another "Introduction  to EFT" book?

Definitely not!

This book is just as much about coaching as it is about EFT.

The Workbook includes a full EFT tutorial for complete beginners  but that is only Chapter 1!

Chapter 2 goes into some EFT concepts in more detail and Chapter 3 provides a Quick Calm Down technique.

But Chapters 4 to 27 are about coaching issues  with EFT exercises along the way to help tackle the various issues identified.

Coaching isn't just about clearing blocks to action  it often involves a process of learning to think differently about yourself and your potential. Some of the ideas you may well be familiar with if you've done other self-development work. But I am a Psychology graduate and I've been thinking about this stuff for over 20 years  way before I became a coach. The Workbook therefore contains many of my own ideas about various aspects of human thinking and behaviour that I have noticed and developed over the past 30 years.

Here are just a few of the coaching ideas you will learn about in The EFT Coach Workbook:

        Find out what's really stopping you from achieving your goals.

        Find out why relying on willpower alone won't get you what you want.

        Find out why there is nothing wrong with you!

        Find out the one goal we all share and how knowing this can help you pick better               goals for yourself.

        Find out what Fear of Success really is  and why it's a myth!

        Find out how to build a Success Firewall based on what you really want and who               you really are. 

        Find out what really defines a goal (hint  it's nothing "out there")

        Learn about 9 ways that goals go wrong  and how being aware of them can              help you choose correct goals for yourself.

        Learn how to test whether any goal is right for you or not.

        Find out why believing your goal is 100% possible actually makes it more likely to               happen  and learn how to use EFT to help you strengthen that belief.

        Learn the Today-Is-A-New-Day Procedure  a simple, daily, 10 minute exercise to              get you unstuck and keep you unstuck about your goal. (I developed this for myself              while I was writing this book, to get me going again through 5 years of stop-start              writing  and it works!)

        Learn a completely new way to think about your limiting habits  and a step-by-step               technique for altering any limiting habit.

        Find out why it's hard to identify your own limiting beliefs  and learn a method for              finding them (as well as clearing them with EFT of course).

        Learn about 3 ways that people turn "facts" they hear into personal limiting beliefs                and learn the Fact Antidote Pattern to stop facts getting in the way of your              goals.

        Learn 9 Powerful Questions to help you when you're "stuck"  with EFT exercises              for each one to help you find your own answers.

And much more!


"I really do like the Today-Is-A-New-Day Procedure and think it is a brilliant concept.
I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the book.

Mari Renner, SD Intuitive Research Society
, 605-297-3885, US


Is the Workbook just a cut-down version of
The EFT Coach for Professionals?

No. The Workbook has been written from the ground up, especially for beginners and self-help users. All the exercises, and many of the concepts are completely new and original to the Workbook.

Inevitably there is some overlap of ideas. But even when this occurs, it has been completely rewritten from a self-help point of view.


"Powerful and meaningful exercises."

Renee Talbot, EFT user, US


How do I know if The Workbook will work for me?

I totally understand this question!

If you are new to EFT you are probably wondering two things:

Will EFT work for me?     


How quickly will I start seeing results with my goals?

I answer these two questions thoroughly in the introduction to the book. This is included in the Contents pdf which you can download now for free!

This download includes my full answers to these questions and the full EFT tutorial and the practice exercises
 so you can get a good feel for what EFT is about before you buy.

The EFT Coach Workbook for Complete Beginners - Contents Plus

Left click to read online, right click to download the file to your machine.
You'll need a pdf reader such as Adobe Reader:



"Your book was written simply, allowing me to learn and understand easier than some of the other energy stuff out there. I do like the personal touch that you have in the book - explaining your relationship to EFT from the beginning."

Rick W, EFT user, US



Who is the Author?

At the time of writing Edition 1, Mary L.R. Jones was a Personal Coach and EFT Practitioner, based in the UK.

She has been an EFT Practitioner since 2002 and a Trainer with the Association for Meridian Therapies since 2004. She is also certified through Gary Craig's certification programme (EFT Cert-II).

Mary is also a Psychology graduate as well as having a Masters in Information Systems.

She is now retired from active coaching and EFT practice for family reasons and in order to pursue other interests, but retains a strong personal interest in EFT and related energy methods which she uses regularly to assist in the ups and downs of everyday life for herself and her family.


"Overall an excellent book. 
Until I read it I had the attitude that goals “suck”.  They are a waste of time, why bother. 
Thank you for changing my attitude. 
I can now create goals that make me happy and that I can stick with as opposed to trying to follow someone else’s goals.  You provide excellent exercises and great explanations on the subjects of goals, beliefs, fears, etc.  I found the section on the Fear of Success very enlightening.  I had a problem wrapping my head around  “fear of success” until I read your explanation of it.  Part IV on “Getting Into Action” will help me with goals and with life in general.
I like the flow of the book and the way it is organized. 
I can see myself going through it many times over."

Chris Smith, EFT user, Canada



Easy to use.

No previous knowledge of EFT or coaching required.

Over 80 exercises targeting common emotional blocks to achieving your goals.



PDF format
     Instant download  read it today!
     Secure ordering with PayPal
     Read on any PC or laptop.
     Make backups or print out.


Kindle format
    Instant delivery 
 read it today!
    Secure ordering via Amazon:

    US, UK, CA, DE, FR, JP etc.
    Read on any Kindle device including PC. 


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 This EFT oriented book is provided as a good faith effort to expand the use of EFT in the world. 
It represents the ideas of Mary L.R. Jones and does not necessarily represent those of Gary Craig or EFT.
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