3rd Edition.

Fully revised and updated for 2015.

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    "This is the book for me – EFT is not a therapy it’s a technique to use – and Mary makes it perfectly clear how it can be, and IS used with coaching. 
    I too have battled in the past with the idea about using EFT with therapy and about using EFT with coaching and Mary makes the difference very clear.  As a psychotherapist I use EFT, as a Coach I use EFT, in different ways.  EFT is soooo versatile it’s wonderful, and it’s wonderful that Mary has written this book and spelt out the difference. 
    I wish I had written it!"
    Christina Elvin Phd

    Psychotherapist,Energy Psychologist,Trainer, Coach, UK


Who is The EFT Coach for?

Professional Coaches who want to add EFT to their practice – you  will learn what EFT is, how its fundamentals relate closely to the principles of coaching, and how EFT can help your clients achieve their coaching goals faster.

EFT practitioners who want to move into professional coaching –  you will learn how coaching differs from EFT as therapy and how to apply EFT in new ways to achieve coaching-specific goals.

Coaches who already know or use EFT – you will learn brand new variations of EFT designed specifically for coaching issues, how to use EFT to improve your own performance as a coach and expand your thinking about how to apply EFT within your specialism.

Serious students of  EFT who want an in-depth guide to using EFT as a coaching tool – you will learn new patterns of EFT and new ways to apply EFT to yourself to help you achieve your goals.

Complete beginners. The EFT Coach is a practitioner level book, not suitable for beginners. But you may be interested in my new book instead....

If you are
looking for an easy-to-use introduction 
to EFT and coaching packed with step-by-step 
EFT exercises to help you with your coaching goals, 
take a look at:

 The EFT Coach Workbook 
for Complete Beginners

2nd Edition
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If you are a professional coach and/or EFT practitioner and want an in-depth guide to combining these two incredible techniques for your clients, keep reading...


If you thought EFT was "therapy" – think again!

The EFT Coach shows you how to apply EFT in a coaching context, including many new patterns of EFT specially developed for use by coaches.

If you've never heard of EFT but you're a coach interested in new coaching methods, The EFT Coach could change your coaching practice forever.

Imagine being able to dissolve your clients' fears and blast through their blocks to action – in minutes instead of hours or weeks. The EFT Coach tells you how.

Imagine being able to accelerate your own personal development as a coach – increasing your confidence and improving basic coaching skills such as maintaining detachment, improving intuition and listening skills. The EFT Coach tells you that too.

Imagine being able to spend several hours a day coaching and feel more relaxed and energised than when you started. Even if you never use EFT with a coaching client The EFT Coach will show you ways to use EFT for yourself:

How to stop client issues "sticking to you"
How to maintain healthy detachment while staying fully focussed on the client
How to maintain 100% acceptance of your client no matter what they say

....and much more.


What is EFT?

EFT is a meridian based technique that has been sweeping the world of therapy for over twenty years. Developed by Gary Craig, a performance coach, engineer and ordained minister, it has been successfully applied to countless cases for issues such as anxiety, fears and phobias, trauma, addictions, stress and pain.
www.emofree.com to find out more.

EFT is a technique that works directly on the body's energy system to correct disruptions that cause negative emotions. It involves gently tapping on specific meridian points on the face, body and hands, while focusing on the problem.

You can find out more about EFT, and get Gary Craig's free tapping tutorial at www.emofree.com.


That all sounds like therapy – I'm a coach!

Initially, EFT was used primarily for issues that traditionally suggest a need for "therapy" – such as phobias, PSTD, trauma and so on. As such, EFT is most commonly used by psychotherapists, counsellors, hypnotherapists and other medical practitioners such as doctors, nurses, acupuncturists and so on.

But EFT is not "therapy" in the sense of psychotherapy. It doesn't require any analysis of the client's issue. And it can be self-applied.

And EFT is being increasingly acknowledged and used in more everyday settings which would not be classed as "therapy" at all. For instance:

          Performance – Improving golf scores or batting averages.

          Education – Learning new skills faster.

          Confidence – Identifying and dropping limiting beliefs and expanding what's possible.

          Insights and problem solving – Accelerating the process of generating ideas and                                                                             finding creative solutions.

          Preparing for important events – Exams, important business meetings,                                                                               presentations and promotions.

All these are coaching applications!

More and more pioneering coaches are making EFT a regular part of their coaching practice. Just try a web search on keywords "EFT" and "coaching" and see how many results come back.

The EFT Coach examines the ethical issues around "therapy" and coaching in considerable depth. It offers practical suggestions and a strong framework of principles for using EFT as a coaching tool.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has proven itself to be an almost standard skillset for coaching, with recognised "NLP Coach" training programs available to coaches, even though it can also be used for "therapy" work.
In the same way, EFT can be used in the service of legitimate coaching goals.
The EFT Coach
begins the process of making EFT a standard coaching tool, just as NLP has been for many years.


Who is the Author?

At the time of writing Edition 1 and  2, Mary L.R. Jones was a Personal Coach and EFT Practitioner, based in the UK.

She has been an EFT Practitioner since 2002 and a Trainer with the Association for Meridian Therapies since 2004. She is also certified through Gary Craig's certification programme (EFT Cert-II).

Mary is a Psychology graduate as well as having a Masters in Information Systems.

She is now retired from active coaching and EFT practice for family reasons and in order to pursue other interests, but retains a strong personal interest in EFT and related energy methods which she uses regularly to assist in the ups and downs of everyday life for herself and her family.


What's in the Book?

The EFT Coach contains over 300 pages jam-packed with groundbreaking material.

Before you buy, you are encouraged to examine the full contents of the book by opening or downloading this pdf file:

Contents of The EFT Coach

In addition to the contents listing, this file also includes the Introduction and Aims and Audience sections from the book.

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You'll need a pdf reader:  


Ten Special Patterns Created Especially for Coaching

If you know about EFT, you may also know about The Choices Method by Dr Pat Carrington. This single variation of EFT revolutionised how EFT is used and the possibilities it offers. I make extensive use of the Choices variation throughout The EFT Coach and I use it constantly within my practice.

If one variation can have that much impact – how about getting TEN? In one book!

There are no less than ten specially developed variations of EFT included in the book, designed specifically to help with coaching situations.

The Doing and Being Pattern – A lot of coaching involves getting the client to focus on their Being as much as what they are Doing – but these can often seem like separate things. The Being and Doing Pattern brings both aspects together, helping to integrate the client's actions with their new way of being.

The Celebration Pattern – If you ever had a client who found it hard to enjoy their own achievement or to even really acknowledge it at all – this pattern can help connect clients with their own success.

The Yes/No Commitment Pattern – Successful commitment involves releasing something at the same time as it involves embracing something new. For instance, more time at the gym may mean less time watching TV. And often it's the releasing of the old behaviour that prevents the new commitment being fully embraced. The Yes/No commitment pattern addresses this problem directly, making it easier for your client to commit and stay committed.

The Both of Us Pattern – Most significant change in a client's life will involve the people around them. And clients often anticipate the reactions of others before they even make the change, perhaps making other people a reason not to change at all. The Both of Us pattern offers a way to release these blocks to change, while fully accepting the presence and needs of others involved. It's also directly useful in any sort of coaching where relationships are at the heart of the client's goals, such as personal or business issues.

The Non-Judgement Pattern – A key element of coaching is to avoid any judgement about what the client thinks or says. The Non-Judgement pattern allows EFT to be used in a way which makes no judgement about whether the issue being looked at is even a problem. The aim is not necessarily to release anything - but allows exploration of insights around goals, values and beliefs, without making any assumptions about the outcome.

The Universal Belief Antidote Pattern – This pattern offers a way of starting to deal with ANY belief that has been identified as being an obstacle to a goal, but without having to delve into the source of the belief itself. Its purpose is to help the client discover new possibilities for a solution despite the belief.

The Today-Is-A-New-Day Procedure – An easy-to-use, 10-minute "unsticking" exercise that I developed to help me write The EFT Coach Workbook for Complete Beginners. Probably worth the price of the book all by itself, it needs only basic EFT knowledge, no analysis or insight and no rating scales.  Fantastic ready-made homework for your clients.

The SuperFast Focus Technique – Great homework for clients who complain they only get short windows of time to work on their goals. Designed to help you or your client transition from one task to another and get focused fast.

The Turnaround Technique – An advanced practitioner technique offering an alternative to the popular Choices Method. If you are an experienced practitioner you may well already be using elements of this technique to turn the focus from negative to positive within a sequence of EFT. Here are structured guidelines for achieving this more often, boosting your effectiveness with clients.

The Fact Antidote – This pattern offers a way forward when what seems to be blocking your client are the "facts".


Will using EFT make my existing coaching tools obsolete?

No! The EFT Coach is about how to use EFT as an additional tool in your coaching toolbox. The job of coaching remains the same and the key concepts and processes remain the same.

The EFT Coach focuses on the fundamental concepts within the coaching process that you will already be familiar with.

          Validating client goals

          Testing client values and resolving value conflicts

          Clearing blocks to action

          Eliminating self-limiting beliefs and strengthening positive ones

          Changing behaviour by eliminating unwanted habits

          Reducing fear of change

In addition, The EFT Coach shows how using EFT can enhance many standard coaching tools such as peak experiences, visualisations, inquiries, metaphor, structures and homework.

As you know, coaching isn't just about what tools you use  – it's about building a relationship with a client and truly "being with" them on their journey. The EFT Coach includes sections on how to use EFT to improve rapport and intuition, help minimise the infamous "coaching plateau", and many other ideas for strengthening your relationship with clients.


What kind of coaching can EFT help with?

Since The EFT Coach deals with the fundamentals of coaching (goals, values, blocks, beliefs and habits), it is guaranteed to be applicable to you no matter what style of coaching, specialism or niche you may have. In a special section, The EFT Coach shows you how to apply EFT to no less than 19 coaching specialities including:

        Business coaching

        Creativity coaching

        Dating coaching

        Leadership coaching


Performance coaching

Relationship coaching

Spiritual coaching

Stress coaching


Is there anything The EFT Coach doesn't do?

Yes. It doesn't teach you how to be a coach, or how to be an EFT practitioner. It teaches you how to put the two disciplines together in new ways for the benefit of your clients.

If you want to be a coach, go to coaching school.
And if you want to be an EFT practitioner, take Gary Craig's online training or take a practitioner training in your area.

But if you want to be an EFT Coach, there's only one place to go and one book to buy...


"The EFT Coach is a brilliant and marvelously presented manual for combining two of the most powerful and effective tools for change, transformation and success
– coaching and EFT.
It is clear, detailed, practical and truly inspirational.”
Milena Galbraith
Aurora Holistic Counseling, NH



3rd Edition.

Fully revised and updated for 2015.

Choice of Kindle or PDF format.



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This EFT oriented book is provided as a good faith effort to expand the use of EFT in the world. 
It represents the ideas of Mary L.R. Jones and does not necessarily represent those of Gary Craig or EFT.
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